Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal-AttorneyWe provide expert criminal defense in the following areas:
Drug offenses including sales and possession, theft crimes, violent crimes, embezzlement, white collar crimes, and all other felony and misdemeanor criminal offenses.

Criminal cases range in severity from low level misdemeanors (facing up to a maximum of one year in jail), all the way up to serious or violent felonies (facing a maximum of life in prison without parole [LWOP] or even the death penalty). Felony sentencing can be extremely complex and requires expert knowledge of the most current law to ensure sentencing is fair and compliant with law. We have had several sentences reduced or overturned due to illegal sentencing schemes used by prosecutors which essentially amount to double punishment for a single crime.

Many criminal offenses can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony, known as “wobblers.” Our top-rated criminal defense expertise has been the driving force behind many felony cases being pled down to misdemeanors.

Criminal convictions can lead to life altering results, including time is prison or jail, loss of reputation, a criminal record that makes it impossible to find work, etc. It is imperative to use a criminal defense expert in cases where your livelihood is on the line.

As a former LA Deputy District Attorney, Hart Levin prosecuted thousands of cases achieving outstanding results, some of which appeared on television. As a defense attorney, Mr. Levin utilizes his expert knowledge of the law, relationships with local judges and prosecutors, and relentless and tireless drive to defend each of his clients to ensure they get the outcome they deserve.

The top-rated criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Hart J. Levin understand that being faced with criminal charges is often a life changing event.  Charges range in severity from low-level misdemeanors on up to felonies carrying the possibility of the death penalty.   Our attorneys have expertise and experience in handling virtually every type of criminal case.  The criminal defense cases we most often defend include:

Drug offenses

We have defended hundreds of drug-related cases in all Southern California courts, including drug possession charges as well as drug sales cases where individuals are accused of dealing illegal narcotics.  We also have extensive experience defending drug trafficking, drug transportation, medical marijuana and marijuana dispensary cases.  Many times drug rehabilitation or treatment can be negotiated with the prosecutor instead of jail or state prison.  We have relationships with local treatment centers that play a vital role in the rehabilitation of individuals with substance abuse problems and we often have representatives of those facilities in court alongside us to give a detailed report to the judge and prosecutor regarding the progress of our Client.

Recent Case Result:

Client with prior drug arrests and while on felony probation for drug possession was arrested in an undercover sting operation and accused of narcotic sales.  We immediately had our client in drug treatment and counseling and successfully had the case lowered to a simple possession case.  His probation was reinstated and he is undergoing drug counseling.  The drug sales charges were all dismissed.

Violent crimes

We have decades of experience defending violent crimes ranging from simple assault, battery, domestic violence, to homicide.

Recent Case Result:

Client was charged with three counts of assault on a police officer out of the Torrance court.  This was a Three-Strikes case, meaning our client was facing the possibility of life in prison.  We successfully negotiated a misdemeanor criminal threats plea bargain and the deputy district attorney dismissed all felony assault counts.  The client underwent anger management treatment and did not serve any custody time.

DUI & Drunk Driving

We have unparalleled expertise in defending complex DUI cases in all Southern California courts.  We rely on a team of forensic scientists, investigators, blood alcohol experts and toxicologists to vigorously defend driving under the influence charges.

Recent Case Result:

Client was arrested for DUI for driving with a .28%BAC (Three and a half times the legal limit) and cited to appear at the Van Nuys criminal court.  We prepared the case for trial and immediately before trial began the deputy city attorney agreed to give our client a “wet reckless” with a small fine and a twelve-hour alcohol program.  The DUI charges were all dismissed.

One of our clients with “Top Secret” government clearance was charged with an offense which would have ended his career and subjected him to extensive jail time.  We conducted our own independent investigation of the officers in the case, filed a Pitchess motion and a suppression motion and successfully had the case dismissed.

Other common practice areas include hit and run, criminal threats, cyber crimes, grand theft and petty theft, robbery, burglary, vandalism, embezzlement, illegal search and seizure defense, conspiracy, drunk in public/public intoxication, prostitution, arson, expungements, and complex white collar crimes.

Criminal defense attorney Hart Levin is a former Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney with thousands of successful prosecutions under his belt.  As a defense attorney, Mr. Levin utilizes his expert skill in criminal law and experience with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office to aggressively defend each of his clients.  Over the years as both a prosecutor and defense attorney, Mr. Levin has established strong relationships with local judges and prosecutors and utilizes those relationships to resolve highly complex criminal cases.

Often referred to as the “Lawyer’s lawyer,” Mr. Levin is frequently hired by other attorneys charged with crimes.  Recognizing the value of having a former deputy district attorney on their team, other lawyers choose Mr. Levin in their time of need due to his insider knowledge of the DA’s office and ability to deliver incredible results when it matters most.

Recent Case Result: The firm was retained to defend a well-known Los Angeles attorney who was involved in a DUI with hit and run.  After utilizing our own investigators and establishing a strong defense, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office agreed to dismiss all charges and give our client a “dry reckless.”  Our client avoided penalties from the California State Bar and kept his current position at his law firm.

Mr. Levin and his team also specialize in defending “sensitive” cases where individuals who are charged with a crime have “Top Secret” and “Secret” government clearance. We have vast experience defending members of national defense firms, military personal, and law enforcement agents, ensuring that their matters are fixed quickly and discretely. Recently we have defended high ranking members of the F.B.I. and L.A.P.D.

Mr. Levin and his team also handle several “media” cases that garner national media attention.

Most recently, his cases have been featured on TMZ, the LA Times, and USA Today.  We have represented hall of fame athletes, well-known actors as well as grammy-winning musicians.

Some of Mr. Levin’s more notable court room victories have been featured on NBC and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

The team has been awarded the highest rating by Avvo.com of “Superb”, maintains a “10.0” attorney rating, and has been selected as the Client’s Choice Winner for 2012, 2013 & 2014.

Recently, Mr. Levin has been selected as among the top 2.5% of all attorneys in California, also being listed as a “Rising Star.”  He has been chosen as a “SuperLawyer” and among the “Top 40 under 40” attorneys.

At the Law Offices of Hart J. Levin we are dedicated to delivering the best possible legal defense to each of our clients.  We leverage our extensive criminal defense experience and expertise to protect against over-zealous prosecutors who are only concerned with getting a quick conviction and moving on to the next case.  Our job is to show the prosecution that our clients are not just common criminals with a callous disregard for the law. Our strategy often involves painting a more complete picture of who the client is, and why their case deserves a rational and closer examination in an effort to achieve a fair and just result.

The top-rated attorneys at the Law Offices of Hart J. Levin use a simple and proven strategy for each client, whether they are a private citizen or someone in the spotlight: aggressive defense, attention to detail, and personalized client attention.

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges or are under investigation for a crime, it is vital to act quickly to build a winning defense.  Our team is available 24 hours a day for a free case evaluation.